James Page
Production Designer
James Page is a UK-born production designer based in Singapore who has been heavily involved in film, television, theatre and commercial works for the past 12 years. Most recently he production designed for Yeo Siew Hua’s critically acclaimed A LAND IMAGINED which won 2018 Locarno’s top prize the Golden Leopard. He has designed for films such as Boo Junfeng's APPRENTICE (2016, Cannes – Un Certain Regard, Toronto International Film Festival 2016, New Horizons Film Festival 2016), K. Rajagopal's A YELLOW BIRD (2016 Cannes Film Festival 2016), Ho Tzu Nyen’s EARTH (2009, Venice Orizzonti) and CLOUD OF UNKNOWING (2011, Venice Biennale 2011, Sundance New Frontiers 2012), Boo Junfeng’s SANDCASTLE (2010, Cannes Critics' Week), James Leong's CAMERA (2014) as well as other projects in post-production.
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